What is 4cost-marketplace?
The abilities of 4cost-marketplace.
You can research purposful and always actual your calculation data.

The 4cost-marketplace is an online platform where registered users are provided with all kind of data for calculating. The provided data can be directly integrated into the modules of the 4cost-suite. The databases are regularly updated and validated.

You can choose between the following categories:

  • materials
  • wages
  • machines
  • country-specific data

Special attention is paid to the cycle time calculators, which are partly provided by technology specialists.

Exchange with experts about current data and technologies

Where does the data come from?

  • own research
  • data from the manufacturer
  • Federal Offices of Statistics (tariffs, country specific informations)
  • user data (after approval!)
  • expert know how (cycle time calculator)

You can decide on your own how you want to calculate

Advantages for the user:

  • up to date data
  • the access is always possible
  • database maintenance will be heavily reduced or may be even not longer required
  • fast calculation
  • discussion and negotiation based on reference data

The 4cost-marketplace – a „must have“ for manufacturers

Advantage für data suppliers:

  • sharing model (who gives can take)
  • marketing for manufacturers
  • direct link to the manufacturers onlineshop
  • providing expert knowledge to the community
  • no costs

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