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An expert in innovative cost calculations, 4cost offers integrated software solutions and services with effective standardised methods and processes. This accelerates and maximises the efficiency, to the benefit of your company. The 4cost software ensures cross-departmental boundaries a smooth sharing of cost and other information. Only this approach makes profitable cost management possible.

With substantial cost savings and up to 80 % faster than conventional costing methods, this makes the 4cost method, combining all costing activities unique. All industries and all project phases can be served.

Every business unit will receive the right solution

Corporate, effective product cost management using reliable and transparent cost information with 4cost

Easy and effective corporate management with transparent product cost management

The 4cost costing software supports the management with exactly the cost information they need. Decision-making at the earliest possible stage and with minimal effort and error. Using the 4cost solution helps to receive transparent cost information about the profitability of products or projects. To identify growth opportunities and to minimise financial risks. 4cost calculation software provides a secure base for business cases, bid/no-bid decisions or make-or-buy analysis, among many other possible scenarios.

All product phases accompanied with consistent product cost calculations with 4cost

Consistent product cost information in all phases

4cost’s software and service solutions for value management. Identify cost optimisation potentials in a very early stage and thus lay the foundation for profitable products. Create reliable project forecasts with just a few inputs and map any detailed cost structures according to your needs. Identification of cost drivers and cost analysis through all phases of the products life cycle. Receive a maximum of cost understanding.

Successful price negotiations with suppliers

Reduction of purchase costs and increased purchasing departments performance

Using the 4cost software in the purchase department ensures maximum transparency regarding the offered price and the pricing structure of your supplier. Negotiating specific reductions of purchase prices and have insight knowledge into the overhead costing structure of suppliers in a matter of seconds. Use the various features of the 4cost software applications to simulate and evaluate a wide range of procurement scenarios. This will enable you to implement the right purchasing strategies.

Cost-optimised product development with 4cost

Product development in a cost-optimised way

4cost’s software applications support the development and design phase to guarantee cost-optimised products. Design-to-cost calculations from the beginning. Conceptual phase is supported which enables you to translate product specifications into product specific costs. Early phases of product design offer the opportunity to identify cost drivers and minimise the risk to overwrite the set cost boundaries. This standardised method provides an inside knowledge of cost behaviour and gain a deep understanding of product design and related cost. Fast, simple and intuitive for all costing of design to cost, design to manufacturing, design to assembly.

Competitive advantages through optimised quotation processes with 4cost

Competitive advantages through optimised quotation processes

Secure a decisive competitive advantage in sales by using 4cost software to create and adapt quotations much faster than with conventional methods. For maximum cost transparency, 4cost’s costing tools provide you with all the information you need for quoting in a centralised, standardised and comprehensible way. This enhances the creation of consistent, well-founded offers with plausible and trusted prices.

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We are happy to advise you

We are happy to advise you

Increase your profit and take your cost management to the next higher level with costing software from 4cost. Our cost experts will discuss possible solutions with you and will find the right approach and implementation to the benefit of your company.