Cost transparency in all phases of product design

When using the 4cost costing software you benefit from developing and designing cost-optimised products from the start of “day one”. Design-to-cost calculation using 4cost enhances the translation of product specifications into product related parameters and subsequent into specific costs. This standardised and formulised way (build to specification) allows you to gain a deep understanding of product design and related costs.

Cost-optimised with 4cost

Cost-optimised with 4cost

Receive the required cost transparency in product development fast thanks to innovative cost calculation with 4cost. This guarantees you reliable results with just a few inputs and fast. We would be happy to show you personally the benefits and performance of our unique software solutions.

Comprehensive analyses

Compare defined target costs and evaluate process and design alternatives with just a few clicks. The numerous 4cost calculation tools features are time-saving. Use the software for simple generation of variants to compare cost and identification of cost drivers. The computed results are provided in real time. If needed exporting reports to other software is also available. For decision-making with reliable cost information in “no time”.

Easy calculation in a familiar environment

4cost costing software speaks the language of developers and designers. Intelligent wizards helping to input data, technology-specific transformation and build in CAD integration. Feel comfortable and familiar in your technical environment (build to print). Minimise and avoid errors to concentrate on the essentials of your work.

Our international customers report on their success with 4cost