Calculate with the expertise of 4cost

Benefit from the know-how of our experienced value engineers when it comes to this:

  • Carry out cost analyses for existing products

  • Calculate new products

  • Identify cost drivers for specific components

  • Identify optimisation potentials (design-to-cost)

  • Map variants based on different product features, manufacturing processes and materials and evaluate them in terms of costs

  • Identify costs for specific or new technologies

  • Create a common understanding of costs for components, assemblies and systems

  • Set target prices for suppliers (should costing, target costing)

  • Validate purchase prices

  • Develop argumentation strategies for negotiating with suppliers

Count on us

Count on us

Our cost experts are happy to support you in the areas of development, design, production, project management, software programming, assembly, testing and integration as well as life cycle cost management (LCC).

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How does a workshop with 4cost go?

A workshop with 4cost means close project-related cooperation between our value engineers and your experts. Depending on your needs, in person at your company or online.

At first, the tasks and objectives of the workshop are clearly defined. Our value engineers review the project-relevant information you have provided and create a detailed schedule based on this. To conduct the workshop most effective, we are listing all the additional information required during a kick-off meeting. Together we determine which customer-side experts should be available. This gives you enough time to ensure the presence of the required persons on the respective days.

Depending on the scope of the working sequence, a workshop is spread over several days in which we work on the task with different groups of experts from your company, validate data and transfer it to our parametric calculation model.

After completing our calculations and analyses, we present the results of the workshop to you and all participants and discuss them in detail. Using gap analyses, we determine the differences between the previously available calculation or cost estimate and derive recommendations for action.

Finally, we prepare a professional report according to your company-specific requirements with all relevant results and recommendations, which you can make available to your management and other stakeholders. The report is designed in such a way that it is also comprehensible for people who were not involved during the workshop. For maximum transparency and a secure decision-making process.