Who we are

4cost has been developing and implementing innovative costing software solutions for clients since 2008. The 4cost calculation software allows for the capture and calculation of costs from the early concept phase through the product’s lifecycle.

4cost provides calculation tools for virtually every initial situation, including parametric top-down costing, detailed bottom-up costing, CAD-based costing, multidimensional cost forecasts and overhead cost analyses.

  • The global approach of 4cost provides the opportunity to attain optimum cost savings up to 80 % faster than other methods regardless of the industry.

Our objective

With more than 2,500 successful customer projects we are developing an international standard for cost calculation.

  • Individual: We provide software solutions tailored to fulfil your requirements.

  • Face-to-face: Our cost experts and our technical support are actively at your side.

  • Hands-on oriented: There’s no such thing as can’t. Your challenges are our motivation. Together we can achieve the maximum for your projects.

Our solutions for you

Costing software from 4cost

4cost costing software is used worldwide in companies in the private, public and governmental sectors. Utilising multivariable calculations, the 4cost costing tools ensure cost transparency throughout the entire product lifecycle for profitable product cost management.

Thanks to the modular structure and a flexible licensing model, the 4cost software solutions can be individually tailored to the needs of the customer.

Our commitment is your success

4cost services include consulting, value engineering and project-specific workshops as well as extensive product training and software implementation.

A team of experts supports the customer throughout the entire project. On request, the 4cost team also assists in negotiations with suppliers.

Our management

Joachim Schöffer

Partner and chief operating officer (CEO)

Joachim Schöffer

Joachim Schöffer has a broad experience in selling software products. Joachim, in one of his former jobs was very instrumental to develop a bottom-up costing tool. He is educated in process technology and has been a parttime teacher at the Beuth University of Berlin. Thomas, Joachim and Herbert decided to combine all the various expertise of costing, value engineering and software programming and founding the 4cost GmbH in 2008. 4cost is offering a very unique suite of costing tools. Joachim has a profound technical background. With over 25 years of experience as a technical as well as a sales consultant, he is a recognised expert in the field of cost calculation and value engineering.

Herbert Spix

Partner and chief consulting and value engineering

Herbert Spix

Herbert Spix has been in the field of technical costing for nearly four decades. Besides developing the parametric cost model aces together with Thomas Przybilla in 1993, Herbert has not set only the base for many of our valued customers, he also is a leading presenter and teacher of the parametric approach in costing. He is educated in mechanical and electrical engineering. His experience spans over four decades in the field of parametric cost estimation as well as a wide range of industries from metal equipment manufacturing, electronic producers and practically any industrial branches. He stands for the development of parametric in Europe.

Thomas Przybilla

Partner and chief of software development

Thomas Przybilla

In early 1993 Thomas Przybilla was very instrumental in developing and creating the first parametric model running on a personal computer. He is educated in software engineering and software programming. His ability to convert technical information into the parametric model’s core has made him an expert in parametric software programming. This innovation in estimation set the base for many new features in the field of parametric cost estimation. We are the pacemaker of parametric costing. Since the beginning, the basic parametric model 4cost-aces has been enhanced with many new features, like the calculation of total cost of ownership (TCO), also referred to as life-cycle cost (LCC) or the cost boundaries calculations using the mathematical “Monte-Carlo” approach. Thomas and his team of software engineers and developers are constantly improving the 4cost software. He is one of the driving forces for innovation and improvement at 4cost.