What is 4cost-cadcal?

With 4cost-cadcal you calculate costs and production times of components, assemblies and systems directly on the 3D model. The software combines the high performance of a standardised calculation tool with the visualisation options of a CAD application.

By using 4cost-cadcal, you identify cost drivers regarding the manufacture already during the development and design phase. For a sustainable reduction of your manufacturing costs and increased cost transparency.

  • Semi-automated work scheduling

  • Guided calculations

  • Extensive databases and integrated benchmark data

Areas of application

  • Product costing

  • Development-accompanying costing

  • Design-to-Cost

  • Design for manufacturability

  • Design for assembly

  • Value analysis

Efficient costing with high transparency

In a competitive environment with shortening product life cycles, companies need to make product-related decisions quickly in order to bring their products to market as quickly as possible and gain an advantage on their competitors.

With 4cost-cadcal, you make the effects of design decisions on the costs of in-house designed components and assemblies visible at an early stage and obtain well-founded results that safeguard you for early decision-making.