Reduce purchasing costs and increase purchasing performance

Using the 4cost costing software in purchase departments guarantees you a maximum transparency with regard to offers and pricing structure of your suppliers. Use the innovative 4cost calculation tools to quickly create detailed cost analyses of purchased parts (should cost analyses) at any time. The generated results provide you with comprehensible information about how high the price of a purchased part should be and how changes in the specifications may affect the price. Use the results to provide your suppliers with valid target costs goals already at the enquiry phase (build to specification). You can use this method across your entire parts spectrum (A, B and even C parts).

4cost’s solutions provide you with a secure basis for negotiating specific price reductions in your purchase’s activities.

Ensure your negotiation success

Ensure your negotiation success

Always buy at the best price and gain detailed insights into your suppliers’ cost structures with 4cost’s software applications. For a valid argumentation in negotiations and maximum cost savings. We would be happy to convince you personally about the performance of our solutions.

Insight into the overhead cost structure of suppliers within seconds

Make full use of your potential in purchasing. With parametric overhead cost analysis, 4cost offers you a globally unique technology for quick and easy calculation of your suppliers’ overhead costs. Using only five publicly accessible company-specific inputs, 4cost-scenarioanalyser breaks down the exact overhead rates of manufacturers and service providers for you within a few seconds. The transparent overhead cost analyses with 4cost costing software enables you to conduct price negotiations with suppliers more offensively and successfully.

Optimisation of procurement strategies and purchasing processes

Use the extensive functions and features of the 4cost software applications to quickly simulate and evaluate a wide range of procurement scenarios. This enables you to validate and successfully implement your purchasing strategies. As a basis for complete and integrated cost evaluations, all 4cost calculation tools provide you with extensive, up-to-date, country-specific benchmark data. This data includes materials, machinery and personnel in addition to your company’s own cost data.

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