Controlling product costs from the first day on

Starting with an idea into the development phase of a product. This timeframe (development schedule) holds the biggest potential for comprehensive cost optimisation. The 4cost software solutions help you to uncover optimisation potentials very early in the schedule. Lay the foundation for the production of profitable products.

When using the 4cost costing software, you can map detailed cost structures according to your needs. Analyse the products’ costs across all phases of the life cycle.

Gain enhanced cost transparency and an increased understanding of cost behaviour.

4cost costing software makes your daily work easier and enables you to:

  • Do valid cost forecasts with ease in early phases, when often little information is available

  • Identify cost drivers with precision

  • Create cost estimates in unprecedented speed and formally unknown accuracy

  • Identify possible cost reduction to optimise existing products and new developments (GAP analyses)

  • Find the best ratio between cost benefits of materials, manufacturing processes, countries etc. when applying a wide range of possible manufacturing scenarios

Calculate with 4cost

Calculate with 4cost

For cost and value engineering tasks 4cost provides the costing tools needed at any time and situation. Is little information available 4cost-aces is the tool to use. 4cost-structure and 4cost-cadcal help you creating detailed bottom-up calculations. Cost forecasts with 4cost-prediction and overhead cost analyses with 4cost-scenarioanalyser are also part of our tailored software solutions.

Substantial savings in effort and time

Using the standardised costing methods of the 4cost software tools in cost and value management, a company-wide costing standard is ensured. Establish a common understanding of costs across departments. This guarantees you better cooperation, shorter coordination processes and knowledge across all product phases.

Intelligent input wizards, central databases and comprehensive plausibility checks help and support you in calculating costs. Conventional costing methods are very time consuming. Projects are up to 80 % faster with the use of 4cost’s software applications. This will also significantly reduce errors in your calculations

Costing tools from 4cost support you in the following areas:

  • Value analyses

  • Design-to-cost, built-to-spec, built-to-print

  • Purchase price analysis, should costing (reasonable costing)

  • Target costing

  • Development costs, prototype costs, manufacturing costs, production costs, software development costs

  • Benchmark the cost range

  • Lifecycle costs, total cost of ownership

  • Overhead costing at any level

  • Preliminary costing (to get the right costing idea)

  • Preparation of quotations

  • Linear performance pricing, non-linear performance pricing

  • Predictive costing and price forecasts

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