What is 4cost-datacenter?

4cost-datacenter is the server-side management software for all your 4cost software solutions as well as your costing information.

With 4cost-datacenter, all databases, projects, licences and user rights can be centrally controlled and managed by the company’s own IT department. For increased security and reduced maintenance effort.

  • Platform-independent web application

  • Compatible with all 4cost applications

  • All-in-one solution for company-wide implementation

  • Central provision of databases and costing data

Keep control

Flexible licence management

4cost-datacenter offers your system administration flexible licence control for all 4cost products. Optimise your licence costs by using floating licences, so that there do not necessarily have to be as many licences as users. In addition, it is possible to set up temporary, local offline licences for a limited period of time (mobile client).

Central data management

With the help of 4cost-datacenter, all data generated and processed with 4cost applications can be made centrally available in the company. For a high level of protection against data loss, the software offers backup and restore options. For additional convenience, the integrated 4cost-projectexplorer enables file storage including versioning and check-in/check-out.

Global rights management for maximum security

4cost-datacenter allows you to centrally manage accounts for the use of 4cost software in your company. All roles can be managed globally by your system administration. The software is multi-client capable, so that each user only has access to the data released for them and business areas can work separately from each other, if necessary, despite central data storage.

See how 4cost-datacenter works

See how 4cost-datacenter works

We would be happy to convince you personally of the performance of our software 4cost-datacenter. Request now an online product demonstration without obligation. Our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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The use of 4cost software offers many advantages

The use of 4cost software in your company opens and offers many advantages

Flexible licensing model
Regular updates for software and databases
Offline capability
Personal support
Intensive product training
Central file, user and rights management