What is 4cost-aces?

4cost-aces enables you to create valid and resilient cost estimates for electronic and mechanical components/assemblies as well as for software developments and complete projects in a short time.

The parametric calculation model of 4cost-aces provides you with well-founded results at an early stage and ensures company-wide cost transparency across all project phases. For fast and secure decisions.

  • Up to 80 % faster than classic calculation methods

  • Regardless of technology and industry

  • Precise and scalable

Areas of application

  • Development-accompanying costing, Design-to-Cost

  • Development costs, prototype costs

  • Manufacturing costs, production costs

  • Software development costs

  • Lifecycle costs, total cost of ownership

  • Value analysis, quotation costing

  • Target Costing, Zielkostenrechnung

  • Should-cost analysis, purchase price analysis

  • Greenfield, Brownfield

Valid cost estimates from the earliest phase onwards

The potential for cost optimisation is greatest in the idea and development phase of a product. Decisions made at this stage account for about 80 % of the final product costs. Manufacturing companies that want to remain competitive in the future need a detailed insight into the cost structure of their products as early as possible.

4cost-aces has been specially developed to provide meaningful analyses quickly and with a few inputs. The software enables you to uncover and exploit potential savings in both development and manufacturing costs at an early stage.