What is 4cost-structure?

4cost-structure enables you to quickly create consistent, transparent, comprehensible detailed calculations with the highest cost accuracy. Through a company-wide standardisation of costing methods, you optimise your company processes and create a common understanding of costs.

4cost-structure significantly reduces the workload of all project participants throughout the company by simplifying complex entries with the help of wizards, check logics and templates. This minimises errors right from the start, increases the quality of calculations and accelerates the achievement of usable results. For more cost control and assured profitability.

  • Standardised cost calculation method

  • Transparent and comprehensible

  • Integrated benchmark data

Areas of application

  • Multi-level overhead costing

  • Preliminary costing, final costing

  • Quotation costing

  • Development-accompanying costing, Design-to-Cost

  • Should costing, purchase price analysis

  • Target costing

  • Value analysis

Transparent, consistent calculations with any level of detail

Understanding complex cost structures completely and making them usable for all relevant departments is the essence of profitable cost management. This is the only way to ensure that everyone involved can work together to sustainably way towards the overarching of corporate goals and remain successful in the future.

4cost-structure was specially developed as a standardised costing application to bundle and control the complex data of the different company divisions in an integrated and cross-departmental manner, in order to provide companies with consistent cost representations with the highest degree of accuracy.