4cost calculation software for maximum cost transparency throughout the product life cycle

4cost offers you software solutions that enable you to create consistent cost calculations in all project phases with little effort and high accuracy. When using 4cost costing software, you combine all relevant cost information and standardise the costing methods in your company. The focus is on both product and development costs.

4cost calculation software is suitable for determining product costs, development costs, manufacturing costs and software development costs as well as for life cycle costing.

4cost provides you with the right costing tool for every point in time and every initial situation. From parametric top-down calculations for early phases with limited information to detailed bottom-up calculations – also directly on the CAD model – to multi-dimensional cost forecasts and overhead cost analyses.

Advantages of 4cost costing software

  • High time savings in the preparation of calculations and quotations

  • Standardised calculations that ensure comparability and transparency

  • Optimised processes through fast simulations and analyses

  • Automated reporting and dashboards for secure and accelerated decision-making

  • Cost reduction through identification of cost drivers and their potential savings

  • Minimisation of errors through intelligent input wizards and automatic check routines

  • Cross-departmental use through central availability of all cost information

  • Flexible licensing model and modular structure

  • Usable in all project phases, regardless of technology and industry

Software for cost calculation from 4cost


Parametric cost analyses for successful product cost management from the first day onwards

4cost-aces enables you to create valid, resilient cost calculations for the development and production for electronic and mechanical components and assemblies. As well as for software estimates and complete projects, including all possible tasks, in a short time, all this in early phases without detailed knowledge. After completing a cost analysis, a comprehensive LCC evaluation can be conducted too.

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Standardised bottom-up calculations with high comfort and maximum transparency

4cost-structure enables you to quickly create consistent, transparent, comprehensible detailed calculations with the highest cost accuracy. With this software, you standardise your costing methods and create a common understanding of costs in your company.

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Multidimensional regression analyses for precise cost predictions

4cost-prediction supports and enables you to check the adequacy of costs and prices of products/product groups on the basis of freely definable parameters within the regression tool. With the software, you can easily and quickly identify which specific features of a product affect its costs and price and to what extent. For precise cost forecasts and an increased understanding of costs.

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Precise cost calculations and semi-automated work plan generation directly on the 3D CAD model

With 4cost-cadcal you calculate costs and production times of components, assemblies and systems directly on the 3D model. The software combines the high performance of a standardised calculation tool with the visualisation options of a CAD application.

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Overhead cost analyses in seconds with just a few inputs

4cost-scenarioanalyser enables you to map the overhead cost structure of a company very quickly or alternatively in great detail. The calculation is based on a few, generally accessible company data. The software turns costs into valid prices.

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Central management of all 4cost software applications and costing data

4cost-datacenter is the server-side solution for company-wide management of your 4cost licences, installations, user rights, costing information, databases and file versions.

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Mobile overhead cost analysis of your suppliers online

cost2price is a smartphone-optimised web application that allows you to calculate supplier overheads quickly and validly with just a few company-specific parameters.

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advantages of using 4cost software in your company

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