4cost calculation software for maximum cost transparency throughout the product life cycle

4cost offers you software solutions that enable you to create consistent cost calculations in all project phases with little effort and high accuracy. When using 4cost costing software, you combine all relevant cost information and standardise the costing methods in your company. The focus is on both product and development costs.

4cost calculation software is suitable for determining product costs, development costs, manufacturing costs and software development costs as well as for life cycle costing.

4cost provides you with the right costing tool for every point in time and every initial situation. From parametric top-down calculations for early phases with limited information to detailed bottom-up calculations – also directly on the CAD model – to multi-dimensional cost forecasts and overhead cost analyses.

Advantages of 4cost costing software

  • High time savings in the preparation of calculations and quotations

  • Standardised calculations that ensure comparability and transparency

  • Optimised processes through fast simulations and analyses

  • Automated reporting and dashboards for secure and accelerated decision-making

  • Cost reduction through identification of cost drivers and their potential savings

  • Minimisation of errors through intelligent input wizards and automatic check routines

  • Cross-departmental use through central availability of all cost information

  • Flexible licensing model and modular structure

  • Usable in all project phases, regardless of technology and industry