4cost databases

The costing software solutions from 4cost include extensive databases that allow you to create reliable, accurate and time-saving price and cost calculations. By centralising all cost data, 4cost costing software provides cost estimators with quick access to the information they need and ensures consistency across all projects.

All databases supplied can be customised by you and extended with your own data records. You also have the option of updating all your 4cost projects in seconds via a central database.

The benefits of 4cost databases at a glance

Global industries

The 4cost databases provide you with important information for the valid calculation of costs and prices for the following industries: mechanical & plant engineering, energy technology, automotive, aerospace, high-tech & electronics, medical technology, military & defence.

Thoroughly researched and up-to-date

Our experts research and validate data from a variety of sources and update it regularly so that you can always rely on the quality and accuracy of the 4cost databases.

Material database

Achieve usable results quickly without time-consuming research in advance. 4cost provides you with data records with current market prices for over 850 metals and metal alloys as well as over 100 plastics.

Machine data

The 4cost databases provide data on over 1,600 machines for all common manufacturing processes. This includes acquisition costs, energy requirements, space requirements, lifespan, and maintenance costs.

Standard components

A reference database with valid cost structures and customisable costing modelling is provided for standard components (fasteners, valves, sensors, etc.) and frequently required subsystems (motors, gearboxes, etc.). The reference database comprises over 600 different commodity groups for determining development and manufacturing costs.


Reliably determine and analyse overhead cost structures using the overhead cost benchmarks provided for various industries and over 50 regions worldwide.

Location factors

Using the space and energy costs from over 50 countries provided by 4cost, you can determine the ideal production location.


The 4cost salary database covers more than 50 country regions, including all components for the hourly labour rate.


The 4cost databases provide currency information for over 90 currencies.

Benefits of using 4cost costing software in your company

Discover the benefits of 4cost costing software for your company

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