What is 4cost-prediction?

4cost-prediction enables you to check the adequacy of the costs and prices of products and product groups on the basis of freely selectable parameters. With the software, you can easily and quickly see which specific features of a product affect its costs and price and to what extent. In this way, non-identical products can be compared with the help of benchmarks, cost reduction potentials for individual products can be determined, outliers can be identified and price forecasts for new products are possible.

4cost-prediction was specially developed to quickly determine usable correlations between price and performance within any number of data sets and to display them graphically in a clear manner. For unique cost transparency and increased cost understanding.

  • Quick identification of cost drivers and savings potentials

  • Universally applicable with automatic determination of the best target price formula

  • Valid cost forecasts thanks to multidimensional predictions

Areas of application

  • Linear performance pricing

  • Non-linear performance pricing

  • Predictive costing, price forecasting

  • Should costing, purchase price analysis

  • Benchmarking

  • Supplier and procurement price analysis, price structure analysis

  • Target prices, target costing

  • Target-performance comparisons

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