4cost as sponsor at the AIRCRAFT Supplier Summit 2022

On 15 and 16 November, the first AIRCRAFT Supplier Summit took place at the GLOBANA Messe & Event Campus Leipzig / Halle. It was organised by the Berlin Institute Supply Chain Management in partnership with Deutsche Aircraft GmbH. The conference brought together 160 participants from over 80 companies, 32 speakers and 15 exhibitors to discuss current trends, innovations and challenges in the aerospace industry. 4cost was present on site as a sponsor of the event.

Many expert talks and discussion panels were held as part of the AIRCRAFT Supplier Summit. Among others, on the topics “Resilience of supply chains in a VUCA world”, “Sustainable fuels” and “Opportunities for technology-enabled supplier collaboration”. One of many highlights was the signing of contracts with two new suppliers for Deutsche Aircraft.

Christiane Bausback, CEO of N+P Innovation Design GmbH, and Joachim Schöffer, Managing Partner of 4cost GmbH, discussed live on stage under the moderation of Dr Hajo Drees. They focused on the decisive influence and determination of costs in early design and concept phases. “The earlier the precise costs for any design and solution variants are known, the greater the potential for cost optimisation,” Mr. Schöffer emphasised in his remarks. “Such early cost estimates can only be implemented with parametric cost models, such as those provided by 4cost.” The parametric approach of 4cost generated lively interest among the participants combined with the request to learn more about 4cost’s innovative solutions.

4cost would like to thank all participants, exhibitors and the organisers of the AIRCRAFT Supplier Summit 2022 for a very successful launch. We will be back again next year as a sponsor.

4cost at the AIRCRAFT Supplier Summit 2022

From left to right: Dr Hajo Drees (Berlin Institute Supply Chain Management), Christiane Bausback (N+P Innovation Design), Joachim Schöffer (4cost)