Nadine gives an insight into her work as Software Developer at 4cost

Why did you join 4cost and how? What have you done before?

After successfully completing my computer science degree, I initially joined 4cost as a consultant in 2011. A fellow student, who was working in development here at the time, had drawn my attention to the position and piqued my interest. The prospect of traveling a lot due to my job and thus gaining insights into a wide variety of industries/companies immediately convinced me of the job.

After more than eight years in consulting, I felt the need for more stability in my professional life. The request from development came at just the right time. I was able to return to my roots as a computer scientist, and the management was very open to the idea. In 2019, I finally switched to software development, where I still work today.

Nadine is a software developer at 4cost

What are your responsibilities at 4cost? How is your daily work structured?

During my time as a consultant at 4cost, I was on the road a lot in Germany to train new and existing customers on-site in the use of our costing software and to conduct workshops with them. In addition, I was the main contact person when it came to implementing our software solutions at the customer’s site and providing technical support.

As a 4cost consultant, I also was involved in product management within the company. Thus, testing new software versions as well as the extensive documentation of our software for price and cost calculations were an integral part of my assignment portfolio.

In my role as a software developer at 4cost, I am significantly involved in the continuous development of our software solutions. This includes the implementation of new functions and workflows as well as the detection and elimination of errors – in other words, quality assurance. In doing so, I benefit greatly from my many years of customer experience, as I know our users’ point of view well and incorporate this knowledge into the development process.

The 4cost-suite offers a number of innovative applications whose development requires knowledge of several programming languages. In doing so, it is also necessary to think outside the box in order to find the best solution. The technical implementation of client requests and new concepts from product management is the most interesting part of my job. I especially like the fact that the team is always willing to try out new ideas, approaches and tools.

“4cost because working here is still fun, even after more than 10 years with the company!”

What motivates you? What keeps you going?

The fields of work at 4cost are very diverse and challenging – just like our broad client base. In order to remain technically innovative, we often break new ground, which gives me personally the opportunity to continuously develop at a professional level. There is virtually no standing still. I truly value that.

What does 4cost mean to you?

What I particularly appreciate about 4cost is its team spirit. I have great colleagues and supervisors who communicate with me as equals. Overall, this creates a very pleasant work atmosphere. A big plus for me is that 4cost allows remote working. This helps me to balance family and work very well.

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