Lars gives an insight into his work as Value Engineer und Product Manager at 4cost

Why did you join 4cost and how? What have you done before?

During the last 25 years I have worked internationally as an engineer, consultant, global service delivery manager, bid manager, head of department and account manager. After having worked for some time in a medium-sized IT company, which unfortunately was increasingly characterized by grievances, I felt the need for a change.

Back In February 2021, I got in contact with the management of 4cost for a possible job. Looking back at my previous fields of work, it became clear to me that the activities that had fulfilled me professionally where always technically oriented. The role as Value Engineer at 4cost promised exactly this opportunity. An open and honest exchange took place about our ideas about this position. The management of 4cost and I found many matching points, so that in June 2021 we began our journey together.

Lars is a value engineer at 4cost

What are your responsibilities at 4cost? How is your daily work structured?

My field of activity as a value engineer at 4cost is diverse. I am, for example, the first contact person for the customers assigned to me when it comes to questions about our corporate solutions and the associated workflows. I also support the sales department with technical presentations of our costing software – customised to the specific requirements of the interested parties.

In so-called “should-cost” workshops, I translate the technical information and circumstances of our customers into suitable input parameters used in our costing software. The variety of systems starting e.g., from huge power plants to the cost and price analysis of related “cost drivers” of a surgical microscope, or any type of components, small parts or printed circuit boards (PCB’s) in fully automatic coffee machines. Both, the wide range and ever-changing technical spectrum as well as the exchange with other engineers are always interesting and exciting for me.

In addition, I am also a product manager at 4cost. I am responsible for the further development of our software for pricing and cost calculations, among many other things. This includes testing new software versions, communicating customer requests and designing new processes and functionalities. I am in constant contact with the development department, the sales colleagues and marketing as well as the management.

“4cost because everything for me is in the right place. Products, values, tasks, team spirit and flexibility.”

What motivates you? What keeps you going?

Exciting technical topics, few routine tasks, a more varied working day, friendly colleagues and a real team spirit. For me, these are all ingredients for motivation and job satisfaction. 4cost offers all of this.

What does 4cost mean to you?

An employer where the individual employee is seen. I’m not just a number in a list here, I am valued as a person. You are encouraged to play an active role in shaping the success of the company. 4cost is colourful – regardless of who you are – your knowledge and commitment count; not cultural affiliation, age groups or the like.

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