Release of 4cost-suite 4.3.3: New smart functions, improved workflows, increased performance

We are pleased to present to you the new 4.3.3 version of the 4cost costing software. During the last few months, our development team implemented numerous new functions and improvements to ensure and providing the results you really need, now even faster. The development focused mainly on the optimisation of workflows within the 4cost software and enhancing the calculating transparency.

Below are some highlights of the 4cost-suite 4.3.3

4cost software update

One-Click-Installation: As from now you are able to install the costing software from 4cost on your system without admin rights and simply update it. A faster start and independence of your IT department is ensured.

Improved database maintenance: Easy transfer, adjustment and reimport of your 4cost databases into and from Excel. This saves a lot of time updating and maintaining large amounts of data.

Licensing monitor: The new license monitor offers more transparency to administer company-wide 4cost software installations. The monitor lists all the user codes available for your floating licenses.


Production potential analysis: “What could we save if we set the tolerance less stringent?” Value-analytical questions are answered automatically by varying all inputs of the 4cost-aces IndexM assistant. The selection of optimisation parameters can be set individually and saved in a template.

New assistant for the production environment (Facil): With 4cost-aces it’s possible to take into account the number of production lines, their utilisation and the production country.

Immediate visibility of material overhead cost: The material overheads are now shown separately as part of the production overheads in 4cost-aces. Adjust the material overheads individually to reflect your company-specific situation and circumstances.

Improved reporter: The real-time generated reports in 4cost-aces now provide you with more flexibility in customisation and a higher level of detail. The management report has been completely revised and enhanced to include a wide range of presenting results. The optimized reports provide you with need-based and graphically appealing as well as solid results to support your decisions.

Additional country scenarios: Determine the optimal production locations in terms of costs. With version 4.3.3 of 4cost-aces numerous new production countries to choose from are available to you. Different cost scenarios can now be analysed and modelled with no additional effort.

Improved documentation: For more transparency and traceability of calculated projects, 4cost-aces offers now to integrate and displaying PDF documents directly in the project-file. All your drawings, notes, data sheets, etc. are at hand at all times.


Central administration of the formula assistant: From now on, 4cost-structure saves the formulas for calculating cycle times in the database so that all users have easy central access to them. The administrative effort for distributing and updating the formulas is thus reduced.

Improved data exchange with 4cost-aces: When working bidirectionally with 4cost-structure and 4cost-aces, the input parameter “operational environment” has to be defined only once. Transferring your calculation to 4cost-aces, the parametrical effects are directly visible.

Enhancement of the “Search and Replace” function: Gain greater flexibility when creating variants in 4cost-structure with the new keyword search for comments. In order to save time, information in the comment fields can now be adjusted quickly and supplemented using mass data processing.

New check routine to avoid calculation errors: 4cost-structure now automatically signals a hint when technology formulas generate a negative result. In conjunction with the other integrated checking and control mechanisms, this increases the quality of your calculations.


Improved transparency: 4cost-prediction now outputs the formulas of the respective regression model that is used in the analysis. Furthermore, the influence of the model can be shown for all parameters as well as for individual parameters. This provides you with a better understanding of the interrelationships of the parameters and enables step-by-step validation.

Updated regression models: The new release of 4cost-prediction offers now a polynomial analysis up to grade 4 (depending on the amount of data). This provides you with more flexible and individual data analyses. The linear regression model was improved by an automatic outlier analysis, which offers suggestions for model optimisation.

Improved error reporting: Make target-oriented corrections in your regression analysis. 4cost-prediction displays now text hints in the notification area, which allow you to identify quickly why certain models cannot be calculated correctly.


Increased performance: In order to save time when creating price and cost calculations, 4cost-cadcal starts even faster now.

Improvement of the validation and comparability of results: 4cost-cadcal now shows the total time per part as well as the total cycle time in the quick report. This data provides you with better arguments for negotiation, plausibility checks and also increases the transparency of your calculations.

Faster determination of calculation-relevant dimensions: The dimensions of selected components are now being displayed as an overlay in the 3D CAD viewer. As a result, working with 4cost-cadcal becomes even more intuitive and convenient.

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