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Software and services from 4cost in use at CI Tech Components AG

CI Tech Components AG is a Swiss-based specialist for the validation and processing of banknotes.

CI Tech Components

When it comes to supporting development projects consistently and cost-transparently from the very first idea, the company CI Tech Components relies on the use of 4cost software. “The convincing factors for the implementation of the 4cost solutions where the question is it possible to trace target costs from a value-analytical point of view and can it be achieved,” says project manager Jens Müller.

The solutions from 4cost were used by the value analysis team and it followed the calculation throughout the entire development process. Every development idea and its resulting alternative, including the associated cost changes are to be validated and presented transparently at all times.

Starting the project, the boundary conditions and the specific requirements were defined in a kick-off workshop. With the software 4cost-aces, the team estimated the first benchmark values for the product and the development costs. All responsible managers, like the heads and engineers of mechanical, electronic and software departments were involved. Relevant points were discussed and defined over a period of three days, resulting in the creation of a basis for a product structure. The project was supported by 4cost during the entire development period in terms of value analysis. This enabled the team to call up the current cost status at any time.

Norbert Hennen, Product Manager at CI Tech Components AG, sees a big benefit in the transparency of cost and the continuous calculation process with 4cost: “Important for the motivation of the developers and for a business case calculation as a product manager is the knowledge, that the target costs and achievable costs are not far apart. The early information that targets costs may differ from reality, forces us to consider alternative solutions at times, when it is still possible.”