Exhaust all options

It’s all about your profit. This is why 4cost opens the way to continuous cost control. From the first product idea to complex project management, you can use all options to optimize the cost of a product.

You can achieve valid cost calculations with approx. 80% less effort!

As a 4cost customer, you benefit from competence and experience from over 2,000 successful projects that we have carried out across the industry over the last 25 years.

Our solutions are geared towards the requirements of the market to a complete and comprehensive concept:
In addition to the classical product development of goods, the development of software and service projects is also considered. We offer the functionalities of our software in modules:

Extremely flexible and applicable
  • All modules can be used as a standalone solution, with no additional costs for DB servers or other hidden costs
  • All data and files can also be managed centrally
  • All modules can interact with each other (top-down to bottom-up, from the cost base to derive at prices and more…)
  • All modules have flexible licensing
  • All modules allow for a complete solution
  • All modules support “simultaneous costing”

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