During the working day several challenges maybe ahead of you. And because we know them very well, our software modules are tailored precisely to the requirements of the day to day use:

  • With 4cost-aces you generate cost estimates with precise and reliable results.
  • With 4cost-aces/LCC, you simulate future usage costs in different application scenarios.
  • With 4cost-structure, you capture all process details for cost determination.
  • With 4cost-prediction guide multiple parameters to create a cost forecast.
  • With 4cost-scenario analysis you have an extremely powerful analysis module for overhead costs.
  • With 4cost-cadcal, you can visualize and transform 3D data into figures.

The advantage of modularity is obvious. It allows you to proceed into the 4cost solutions step by step. With this approach, you keep your risks low and ensure optimal use of your resources. At the same time you can achieve pleasing rapid success in the daily use of the modules.

Decide as required

Which one of the 4cost solution is it you need, and when do you need it? You decide on the use of the modules as and when it is required. Each module functions as a stand-alone application. However, the greatest benefit accurse when you combine all the modules together.


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