optimized product design
Ensure maximum returns

Ensure for your projects all the chances of growth through a maximum of returns. As part of our ValueEngineering, we offer the conditions to do this – through an efficient product development process and a shortened time-to-market. Benefit from:

    • the reliability of our cost forecasts
    • the multi-dimensionality of our cost projections and forecasts
    • the swiftness and accuracy of our cost estimates

This provides you with the best possible product design at the lowest possible cost, with the support of our ValueEngineers in all phases of the product development process (PDP).

Conceptual phase: The longest lever of optimization is found here. Evaluate different concepts, take influence on specification and product requirements documentation in order to achieve the optimum cost. Here the methodology of the 4costValue revolution is taking a positive effect.

Development phase: Optimizations can be achieved through the exchange of parts, the use of identical parts, the use of commercially available parts “off the shelf” (COTS) or the development of material alternatives. The standard includes design-for-manufacturing (DFM) and design-for-assembly (DFA) as well as a constant cost analyses by our consultants in the area of 4costValue modification.

Start of production: As soon as approved product requirement documentations and quotations of suppliers are received, our measures of 4costValue Purchasing in supporting the Purchasing Department take place. There are numerous approaches to optimize the procurement process. Specially to mention are the technology-neutral benchmarks and the derivation of cost structures and overhead rates of suppliers here.


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