Project management by B.-J. Madauss

B.-J. Madauss

Project management

Theory and practice from a single source
  • Illustrates the entire process of project management
  • Contains numerous examples as well as an analysis matrix for the error diagnosis of project margins
  • Suitable as a reference work for both practitioners and executives as well as for students

In the seventh edition of this book, all essential aspects of project management are dealt with in theory and practice. The use of professional project management is a compelling requirement for authorities and companies involved in the execution of national and international projected tasks in order to successfully compete globally.

In this book, the sub processes of project management are described and supplemented by practical examples.
The main themes are the importance of project management for industry and authorities, project problems and their elimination, target definition and life cycle, organizational concepts, system management and quality management of the project, structuring methods, planning and monitoring, cost calculation, configuration monitoring, change management, information management, project personnel, risk management, software deployment and international Project work in a global environment. A training course for project management is sketched as a model course within this Book.

The author Bernd-J. Madauss has a fifty years of professional experience as a development engineer and in the management of commercial space travel projects.

He first studied shipbuilding technology in Bremen and later at the Pacific States University of Los Angeles Business Administration (MBA) where he also received his doctorate (PhD). He is a faculty member and guest professor of the International Space University ISU in Strasbourg.

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