4cost Special offers due to the Corona crisis

All existing customers can also book a monthly Home Office package

Smooth continuation of work for all home-based employees

  • No price increase for the use of a shorter duration (price per month = 1/12 of the yearly license costs)
  • A straightforward, monthly registration, ordering and invoicing (funding by the state?)

All training packages now online

Take advantage of the “downtime” for training or getting started

  • Only € 690 per participant per day
  • Individual support 1: 1 to a maximum of 3 participants
  • Flexible coordination of training time (taking into account shorter working hours!)
    e.g. in the morning 2h “heats on training”, then tasks for independent work, afterwards discussion of the results with explanation

Online workshops on cost transparency

Use the 4cost expertise “contactless”

  • Live calculation via the web on an hourly basis (250 € / h) for smaller assemblies /parts
  • Calculation with agile timing on a daily basis rate (large and complex projects)
  • Short web meetings for information comparison, bit by bit working, offline, short web meetings for coordination and Interim results, information update, reporting / transfer of results as usual
  • Calculation via c³, the CostCompetenceCenter (used since 2018)

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