The world of calculations

Our motto “4cost.web” will unite the future and diving into the world of calculations even faster, more validly and more transparent than ever before.

On the basis of the latest development technologies, we transfer our worldwide unique suite of costing methods to the web platform
This makes it possible for users to create and manage their calculations from anywhere, even more flexibly and agile.

The individual modules will then no longer be visible to the suite user. Depending on the level of information, individual elements can be calculated using regression, parametric and bottom-up methods. All of this, of course, with the usual features for the manufacture of mechanical, electronic, electromechanical or optical systems, as well as development and software systems.

Of course, the interaction with the 3D CAD world is brought even closer to the cost calculation. New reports with cockpit functionalities are just as planned as collaborative teamwork.

To get started in this exciting and unique world of calculations, we have already completed the overhead calculations as a mobile solution optimized for mobile phone use.


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